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Quot; The box is a rounded-end, continuously-welded, crank-sealer model with a quot; one-piece rubber gasket. quot; Each casket is quot; factory tested for resistance to entry of outside elements. quot; The Promethean retails for 25,000, although you can buy one on the internet for under 19,000. But at Forest Lawn, which is handling Jackson's funeral, you can probably expect to pay full-tilt retail. Incidentally, James Brown was buried in a Promethean. The best casket sales pitch I ever experienced was from Mr. Starker, played magnificently by Liberace in the 1965 black comedy 'The Loved One': quot; This unit is not only waterproof, Mr.

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By the way, we8217;ve cited some Canadian cases as well, because, particularly early on, they8217;ve been cited several times on this side of the border. The citation forms may look unusual to American lawyers, but we8217;ve tried them out.

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20, 2015). After lying about having social media accounts, plaintiff must produce the entire account. A cursory in camera review demonstrates the presence of considerable discoverable information. A deactivated Facebook account can easily be reactivated at any time, as plaintiff in fact did.]