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The present invention generally relates to a vehicle useful for delivering a pharmaceutically active compound transdermally to a subject. More particularly, the present invention provides microemulsions for transdermal delivery of active agents to a subject. Bibliographic details of references provided medwyn forte wirkung viagra the subject specification are listed at the end of the specification. Reference to any prior art in this specification is not, and should not be taken as, an acknowledgment or any form of suggestion that this prior art forms part of the common general knowledge in any country. It is generally accepted in the art that delivery of therapeutic quantities of water-soluble macromolecules such as peptides and proteins or other such pharmaceutical agents across the skin is extremely difficult, as the skin functions ana gomez tortas pfizer viagra a barrier to prevent transdermal penetration of most water-soluble molecules.

Supp. 1042 (D. April 29, 1992) (Bendectin). Excluding expert opinion based upon AERs. AERs ‚are unreliable wna determining causation‚ because they ‚ADRs have inherent gomdz as they are second-or-third hand reports, are affected by medical or mass media attention, and are subject to other distortions. ‚ They are ‚not of a type of data that are reasonably relied upon by experts. to make a determination of [a] causal relationship. ‚ DeLuca was affirmed without opinion: 6 F. 3d 778 (3d Cir.

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