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On May 28, 2000, the Company acquired the assets of HealthShop. com, an online vitamin retail hohel. The Company issued 838,951 shares of common stock for all the assets of the business.

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The work they are funding includes hunting for the secrets of living organisms with insanely long lives, engineering microscopic nanobots that can fix the body from the inside out, figuring out how to reprogram the DNA we are born with, and exploring ways to digitize our brains based on the theory that our minds could live long after our bodies expire. Oracle founder Larry Ellison, who wishes to live forever, has donated more than 430 million to aging research. Sean Parker, the Napster cofounder, has donated millions to finding a cure for allergies and cancer therapies. Google's Sergey Brin has proposed a new kind of science that starts with masses of DNA and a community of people with certain genes.

What of your dollar denominated assets, have they not appreciated Vs other world assets. In Southeast Asia those that held gold have maintained their wealth and most importantly their purchasing power. IMHO that which comes in the economic future for all of us, be it inflation or deflation, in any extreme, we all lose.

Le Directeur g新n新ral de la transnationale, Jean-Pierre Garnier, profite de l'occasion pour d新clarer sa volont新 d'assumer un r幸le de chef de file dans 新 la maximalisation de l'accessibilit新 des m新dicaments abordables dans le monde en d新veloppement新. Petit d新ta il non n新gligeableCombivir est sur le march新 depuis octobre 1997. Les ventes globales depuis cette date d新passent largement 1,5 milliard de dollars. Lindustrie pharmaceutique qui estime 550 millions de dollars la somme n新cessaire pour mettre un m新dicament sur le march新, a largement r新cup新r新 son investissement.]