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Supp. 2d 1217 (D. Colo. June 3, 1998) (breast implants). Technically this case shouldn‚t be here because it doesn‚t involve FDA AERs, but other anecdotal evidence (an expert‚s individual clinical experience). But it comes up so often ‚ and cites staadio AER cases ‚ that we‚re including it. ‚[C]ase reports. and case studies universally are regarded as an insufficient scientific basis for a conclusion regarding causation because case reports lack controls.

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When I examined the rocks and the soil of these ravines I found that they were, in part, the same as those over which we had traveled for more than eight leagues to the west, that is to say, a reddish soil about a foot and a half or two feet deep on the surface, and underneath a clayey rock, split by more or less narrow cracks, decomposed near the surface and brittle to the depth of two or three feet, but below that hard and compact. At about a league from our camp and two-thirds of the way through the valley, I finally came upon the first workers. The places where they were digging were three little ravines that separate the three hills and come together toward the bottom in the form of a stream. The workmen were swarming there like so many ants. Those who were digging the dirt used various implements, but mostly pickaxes and picks. I noticed that the first and most difficult labor was to dig out and throw aside some large individual rocks that were in the gulch.

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