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" A Perspicacious Spec Reads the Newspaper, a Continuing Feature. Clnton on Stronach: I never advised that woman By The Canadian Press MONTREAL ‚ Former president Bill Clnton says he was just as surprised as everyone else when former Conservative MP Belinda Stronach defected to the Liberals last spring. Clnton, a friend of Stronach‚s, says he had no prior knowledge of her stunning decision last May, which helped the governing Liberals barely survive a non-confidence vote. He says he had nothing to do with her decision, though he later concluded she had a "principled reason" for doing it.

Et cela n'est possible qu'al'ec la concurrence des produits g–¬n–¬riques –¬ dit Zackie Achmat, pr–¬sident du groupe activiste sud africain TAC (Treatment Action Coalition). Il fait –¬galement remarquer qu'avant Pretoria pas une seule dose de cette offre –¬ g–¬n–¬reuse –¬ n'est arriv–¬e en Afrique du Sud apr––s la promesse de dons.]